November 17, 1943

by iamyoursalone

my darling George,

For the past three nights I’ve tried to write to you without success.  The first night I tried to write was saturday.  Well a short time before I started the phone rang and it was Marjory.  She said skipper fell off the bed and cut his chin.  It was bleeding and she couldn’t stop the blood.  Of course we all went right over.  He’s got some cut.

The next night, Sunday, it was about seven after I got through ironing all the clothes that Rose washed Saturday.  I sat myself down nicely and was ready to start when the phone rang again.  The people next door called to tell us Mrs. F had just died.  Well of course my mother insisted we all go over and so we did.

Monday Mother went to the hospital to have xrays taken of her ears.  Well when I came home from work that night we had to put applications on her ear.  But tonight I decided I was going to write regardless.

I’ve just come in from outside.  It sure is getting cold.  We’ve had snow three times this week.

I’m listening to Fred Mornings band and he is playing such nice soft music.  I remember the times up in your room when I would always want to hear the program but you would “sooth” me so much that I would always manage to fall asleep.

G, during the day as I go along and things happen I say to myself, oh I’ll have to tell George this or the other thing.  When I start to write I forget them all.  I guess I’ll have to write them as I go along.

I’m disappointed today.  I thought for sure there would ba a letter from you today my darling.

I suppose school keeps you pretty busy.  Have you had very much K.P Duty lately?

Oh my darling as I sit here I’m thinking of the thing we use to do and took them so for granted.  Knowing that we cannot do them again to-morrow.  Darling I want to be with you so very bad.

Can we do anything about it soon?  It’s up to you you know (please don’t get mad)

Well to-morrow Paul goes for his induction.  I wonder if he’ll pass the physical.

Darling please tell me if there is a chance of you coming home for Xmas.  If you can that will be all I ask for.  If you can’t would it do any good for me to come down there?  Keep studying hard my darling and I will keep praying hard.

Remember my sweetheart I love you very much and live for the day we’ll pick up our life where we left it off oh so long ago.

I love you my darling husband.

Your loving wife,



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