November 13, 1943

by iamyoursalone

My dearest,

Thank you my pet for the wonderful, wonderful letter. I’m referring to that one you wrote when you were in a loving mood, because the moon was shining in your window. It’s too bad the moon doesn’t shine there more often so you will be inspired to write more of the same.

How dare you say you’re sorry for writing the same thing. You know you could fill your letters with just I love you & I miss you & I would be happy. You remember I never got tired of hearing you say you loved me. I would ask you who you loved just to hear you say it again.

Oh my darling when you say we’ll be together soon, I can just see us going to the Ice Follies again this new years & then go right to your house & to bed. Remember darling last year we drank champagne & I didn’t get home until after mass.

As I sit here & write this letter I’ve got your picture right in front of me & darling you look so nice & happy. I feel like asking you to wipe that silly grin off your face, like I use to when you were laughing at a private joke.

Thank you very much for the picture. I’m glad you didn’t have your overseas cap on in it.

I was just thinking of how stiff Jr is. Oh if I could just play with him a tiny bit. Put him in my mouth for a while, he would taste better than any chicken we’ve ever had. Then I would kiss every inch of Jr. & any other part of your body, in fact, every part of it. I wouldn’t miss one spot. Oh my darling just to be able to hold you in my arms. I long for your kisses just as bad as you long for mine. No don’t you dare say you long for mine more because that’s not so.

You made Susie flow as if I had the curse when I read all those beautiful thoughts of yours.

Just wait dearest when we get the chance again, oh boy we are going to do it up right. You know how my darling.

George your in school, you’re having phase, what is that my pet? And something else I’ve been wanting to ask you what does T.S.S. mean on your address?

I’m going to close my darling with a poem it’s called “It must be you.”

Each night when I look up & see the silver stars above, my longing heart keeps telling me it must be you I love. I cannot ever close my eyes without I dream of you & all day long I memorize the things you say & do. I gaze at others & compare the beauty of each gem, but in all ways & everywhere you overshadow them. You are in magic of the night, the sunshine of the day, you are the rainbow of delight whenever skies are gay. I cannot feel the winds that blow I cannot touch a tear, I am in love & now I know it must be you, my dear.

God bless you my darling & keep you for…

Your loving wife,


I love you always. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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