November 10, 1943

by iamyoursalone

My dearest darling,

These past few weeks I’ve received letters from you that were more than two pages long. It’s too bad it had to take a subject such as that to make your letters long.

Dearest you made me so unhappy that I cried when I read your last letter. You said you had thought of getting married on your first furlough and now you begin to wonder.

Oh darling don’t you see that’s the only thing that I want. My mother is the same way, you are in a lot of respect but she knows my darling if I was Mrs. S you can bet your boots my darling that I would stay home.

In the first place if we were married & you were at a regular camp I would come with you & work in town. We could do it my darling as far as my keeping busy while you are at camp & could not come home, there will always be something for me to do. Oh George please darling believe me I love you so much, don’t you remember my sweet the nites we spent in your room or at our house when the folks were not home.

Don’t you know my sweet that the only thing I want is to be with you. Oh, just think if anything should happen to one of us, just think of what we missed.

Please my sweet won’t you think it over again & tell me we are going to get married on your first visit home.

How could you think I would go out after we were married. I would be so busy & happy in our little world. The twentieth of this month it will be a year & four months that I have had my ring. It’s not anything like we planned, is it my sweet?

I’m thanking God to-nite for having you forgive me & I thank him every nite for having given me the privilege & honour of your love my sweet. This may sound like so much mush to you but I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

One day last week I was looking through some of our old books & I found some poems that help express some of my thoughts. So now & then I’ll throw one in my letters to you. I hope you don’t think they are silly.

This one is called “Forgive me, dear.”

I know not how to comfort you unless perhaps to let you know I did not really mean to do…the little things that hurt you so, I did not mean to act that way…or say the things I said. But I was foolish yesterday & all my reasoning had fled, I had forgotten for a while how much your pleasure means to me. How I depend upon your smile & your endearing sympathy, I did not purposely ignore the friendly feeling in your heart, I did not want to close the door as though to keep our souls apart I cannot alter what is done or make it weigh the least bit less. But I implore you, dearest one, to please forgive my foolishness.

There are certain parts in this little poem my dear that I would not want to have put in but it must rhyme, you know. Parts like all my reasoning had fled & friendly feeling in your heart. I know & thank God that it is more than a friendly feeling.

Thank you for the pictures. I’m going to have a few made & I think I’ll give one to your mother for Xmas. Before you ask me what I want for Xmas I’m going to tell you. I want one PF.C.George.L S. (36748480) all dressed up so I can undress him & play with him as I go along.

Well my darling I’m going to close now for I think there is a 7:30 mail & I want this letter to be on it. When I mail my letters air mail do you usually get them the next day?

I want you to know P.F.C. George that I’m writing because I love you, I love you, I love you & not because I want to keep up your moral. You’re the only service man that I started to write to & am still writing to.

So for now my darling, think of the time we will be together again perhaps for the reason to become man & wife.

I love you remember the always please, please keep up the good work in school. If you come to Chicago call me up or better still let me know & I’ll meet you.

Your darling wife,



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