November 8, 1943

by iamyoursalone

My darling,

I’ve tried three times to write to you within the past two days & something always seems to interfere.

Sunday was Skipper’s birthday & we all went over there Saturday nite. I went to Oak Park straight from work & bought him a little sweets. Gee the cake Margie has sure was good. It seems so funny not to have Dan around though. My aunt & uncle went home about 10:45 so did Rose & Paul. I stayed with Margie until Dan came home from work. She sure hates to stay home without Dan. I don’t know how Dan is keeping himself awake but he better keep it up.

When I went to put Skipper to sleep I guess he realized it was later than usually & he said to me, Aunt Toni why is mother so good to me & makes me stay up later to-nite? To my surprise he asked me where you were & why didn’t you come to his party too.

Paul has to go to the induction centre a week from Wednesday. By the first of Dec he’ll be gone too.

Some of girls who use to work at Mars with me have been talking to me about working at Mars a few hours in the evening. I think I’ll do it for Xmas money. As soon as I mail this letter to you my darling, Eddie B’s girl & I are going down to find out about.

My mother thinks I’m crazy. Darling this is the same question I’ve asked you before but I’m going to ask you again. Do you think you can come home for Xmas. If you can’t will it do me any good to come down there. I would like to be with you for Xmas if possible.

In your last letter there seemed to be doubt in your mind about my belonging to you body & soul. Well my dearest I’ve tried to pound in your little head that you are the only body that my body & soul will ever belong to. Remember that, will you my darling?

Darling you said in your last letter that you were having Holy week. Are you sure that’s what it was. Holy week is the last week in Lent & Lent is 40 days before Easter. I’m very happy to know you are going to see Chaplin. That remarks you made about not having any use for it anymore I will ignore. I can be Mrs. G.L. S. & stay home & work on my hope chest.

I love you my darling remember that you big lug.

I wish I had you here & I would show you. I’d give you so many goose bumps & chills you wouldn’t think it were possible.

Your loving wife.



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