November 4, 1943

by iamyoursalone

My dearest husband,

Please allow me to address you as such. You may not think now that I should be allowed the honor. But believe me my sweet you can never imagine the happiness that is in store for you.

I deserved everything you said in your letter & more besides my mother is so angry with me, she said I don’t deserve anyone as good as you.

Darling if you would say to me “Toni please I would like it much better if you didn’t go out” Oh my sweet please don’t think you would be asking me too much. If you would be easier in your mind about me just let me know.

I don’t want you to be worried about me. I want you to get through with school with one of the highest grades in the class.

Oh my sweet as I go along in this letter I think of the thoughts you might have had when I didn’t write. Oh George please forgive me I don’t mean to add to your worries anymore. I know & realize that you’re not having any fun. So far away from town & everything.

To get back to us again. You’ll never know how much I want to become Mrs. G.L.S. More so now my darling than before. Yes that;s right more so now than before. My mother keeps telling me she wished she had encourage the thought. The first month or so when you were away I stayed at home & would cry about every other day.

I supposed it looks bad to you my not writing & my saying I’ve become a social butterfly. I can still say that it’s you I want to marry. Even though you & I don’t have a lot in common. there is still our love which is the best thing to keep two people together.

I may have gone out but you can believe this or not every time I went my date would have to repeat two or three times during an evening. He’d find me starring off into space & I would be thinking of you & when he would ask me I would tell him. And we would depend about half an hour or so discussing us & what we would have done if the war had not have interfered. Just think my darling we would have been married a month already if you were home now. Just think we could have screwed every nite, noon & day. Oh my darling how could you even ask me to stop writing to you. That’s the only privilege I have now. You would not want to take that away from me would you. If you think you were leaving me off easy you’re mistaken.

Damit anyway other people get married why don’t we? I’m not blaming you I know you were doing what you thought was best for me. That’s probably what’s wrong, you were being too sensible.

I’m worried George that you’ll go off on a spree & poke some officer in the nose & then land in the bridge. Don’t do anything foolish.

Oh George if you & I were only together. Oh God please, please let us be together soon for I miss my darling so very much.

If you still are angry with me & do not wish me to write to you anymore please say so. I think I can trust you to write & say the right thing.

You may think absence makes the heart grow fonder for someone else but that holds true for people who think there in love & not for us.

Remember my darling our future rests in your hands, do the right thing with it.

Until I hear from you again I remain your loving old bag,


P.s. Please forgive me & kiss me good-nite George.


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