October 30, 1943

by iamyoursalone

Dear George,

I’ve been out of stationary for three days & I still haven’t gotten any. Looking through the bunch of letters I have I found this paper by accident. It’s a good thing I took some while I was at the Lennox.

The cutest thing I’ve ever heard that the Skipper has said in a long time was this. The other day Margie & the Skipper were in the beauty shop. Margie was getting her hair done while the Skipper was visiting up front with Uncle Paul. When the time came for the Skipper & Margie to go home, he stopped by my Uncle’s chair. There was a man there who didn’t have very much hair on his head. The top of his head was nice & shiny. He just had a little bit in the back just enough I guess for a few hair cuts if you had a lot of imagination. Well anyway the Skipper asked Uncle Paul what he was doing & Uncle Paul said he was cutting the man’s hair. Then the Skipper with a question in his voice & in his eyes said “But Uncle Paul, where is the man’s hair?”. You can imagine how fast Margie got out of there.

I think I’ve told you before that my mother had an abscessed ear. The doctor is afraid he is going to have to lance it, if it doesn’t get any better.

Tomorrow is Halloween & our division is having a dance at the Morrison, we are going to dance from 10:00pm until 6:00am. After the last dance we will probably go out for breakfast & then to church.

I’ve probably told you all this before. I think I’ll keep a carbon copy of every letter I send you.

How are things coming along in school?

I think you & I should be together soon or I won’t be worthy of this ring.

Paul got his notice to go have another blood test. Rose will have heart failure if he leaves before Christmas. She will be very unhappy but she is also thankful to have had him here so long as it is.

Jean got a baby boy. He was born Sept 1. Her husband was home when the baby was born, now he is in Texas.

No more news for now so I’ll close for a while.


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