October 26, 1943

by iamyoursalone

*It looks like the letters from the 25th and the 26th had been switched.

Dear George,

There is no excuse good enough for me. I can’t tell you how sorry I am to have gone so long without writing to you.

I was a social butterfly the last two weeks & I didn’t realize it was so long between my letters I know I should have, for you were nice enough to send me three letters & three nice cards.

Today is Sunday & I’m home alone. Mother & Dad have gone down to see aunt Mary. They are going to have dinner there too. Rose & Paul went out last night. They are going to sleep at Mrs. Murphys so they won’t be home until late to-nite I suppose.

Margie & Dan wet to the Ill. – Notre Dame game yesterday. I saw Dan this morning and asked him how he liked the game. For an answer he said “yes it’s nice weather”. I asked Margie what she though about it & she said we don’t talk about things like that. The score was 48 to 0 in Notre Dame’s favor. No wonder they don’t talk about it.

My Aunt “J” has been back from Florida for about three weeks now & she still talks about how happy she was to see Bud & how good he looked & the wonderful campus the university had.

Wouldn’t it be handy my sweet if you were stationed some where in California & I got a job at one of the Douglas Plants there.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you, Lorraine is back in town. She hasn’t called me yet & I’m not going to call her either. Rose has seen her in Oak Park. Lorraine told Rose that she was going to call me when she got settled well I’ll wait.

I’m sorry my darling to have had to let you wait so long for a letter. I won’t do it again.




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