October 25, 1943

by iamyoursalone


In my last letter I told you Lorraine was back in town but I forgot to tell you the reason. Her husband has gone overseas. I wonder what kind of a married life she had. If it was anything like ours.

I saw Jimmy D to-day. He’s Ensign D. now. He got his training in New York & now he’s going to San Diego for sea duty.

I was looking through my old magazines to-day & I found a poem I would like you to read so here goes:

So many miles.
So many miles divide us now, so many fields of green.
So many roads, so many towns are scattered in between.
It seems as though I never would reach out & touch your hand.
Although we two are still within the borders of this land,
So many fences, woods & streams, appear to bar the way,
And every hour multiplies…the slowness of the day.
And yet each night when I look up…You are waiting, too…
For time to wonder by, and to each little silver star…I throw a kiss or two,
and hope that they will hear me pray…& drop them down to you.

You’ve often said my darling other people cannot express other people’s thoughts. Well this will help you know how I feel.

Oh I’ve meant to tell you before but our bowling team is in second place. The team in first place has two girls on their team that were once professional bowlers.

We are having bowling blouses made for our team. We are going to wear blue slacks & the blouses are white with red letters on them, the name of the team written on the back & our own name on the pockets. The name of our team is the “Rioters.” Believe me, are we a riot. Love man stays out so far I’ve played every game I sure hope I can keep it up.

I’m praying for you every day my darling keep up the good work in school I’m very proud of you stinky.

Your lover,



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