October 7, 1943

by iamyoursalone

my darling George,

To use the words of Annie Rooney quote: “I feel good all over.” When I got home from work to-day I found a letter from you my darling.  It sure felt good to receive two letters in three days.  I got one monday nite too.  It makes me feel as though you were still at J.B.

Darling when you write to me don’t feel too bad if you can’t think of anything to write about except the weather.  Well stinky don’t let it worry you.  As long as I get a letter from you that is all I care about.

George my aunt “J” was saying something about sending Bud a package of canned fruit in the package she also sends a knife, a spoon and a fork also a can opener.  Sweetheart the Murphy’s just asked me if I wanted to go to the show with them.  I just got through ironing so I guess I’ll go.

12:00 midnight
Hello again my darling.  I’m back again.  We went to the show and saw two nice pictures.  I haven’t been to the show since I went with them before that was about a month ago.

Oh my darling how could you say you cheated me out of a lot of things before by just taking me to the show and then to your house.  What I wouldn’t do for one of our special picnics in your room.  With a couple of glasses of port and a hamburger and best of all your special loving.  You’ll never have to worry my darling about anyone taking me away from you.  For that my love is an impossibility.  God made us for each other and God knows best.

I’ve just read the first part of this letter and it sure doesn’t make sense.  I guess I’m thinking a lot faster then I’m writing.  In regards to sending canned fruit.  What I wanted to know is would it be O.K with you if I send you some?

Come my darling husband it’s time you and I went to bed for we both have a lot of work to do.

I love you my darling now, always and forever,

Your loving wife,